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Cinema for Peace Foundation

“Let me applaud Cinema for Peace. Every time you and our friends from the creative community reach out to help people to learn about human rights and justice, you help the United Nations to keep the peace”

  • Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General of the United Nations


The Cinema for Peace Foundation endeavors to promote worldwide peace and understanding through the support of cinematographic works, and to further develop the goals and activities established by the Cinema for Peace initiative and annual Gala.

Film plays a significant role in highlighting inequality, injustice and inhumanity, as well as can offer a hope and vision for a better future. This being the primary reason why the Cinema for Peace Foundation works to provide an internationally recognizable and easily accessible platform for promoting human rights values, both in the first world and in afflicted countries.

The central mission of Cinema for Peace Foundation is to provide support through the funding, production and worldwide distribution and promotion of film projects, which focus on humanitarian and justice issues, such as the prevention of disease (e.g. AIDS), terrorism, ecocide, war, poverty and violation of human rights.

Cinema for Peace aims to bring these humanitarian issues to public attention through the medium of film by partnering with the international film community as well as influential people in media, politics, business and society, to showcase cinematic works which emphasize the human condition and values.

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