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Ops Hacker Internship >3 Monate Werkstudent in Berlin

Your Challenge

The Data Operations team is looking for a part time data-technician aka operations hacker. We hate repetitive tasks and we need you to help us get rid of them. You code for fun and you are familiar with building integrations between tools. If you hit a wall, you start working around it, hacking your way to the solution. You are deeply impatient about inefficiency and love
getting things done.
Working closely with our Operations team and sparring with the Engineering team will give you deep insights into the war room of this rapidly growing company.

Your Toolbox

  • You know how to code, learned or self-taught
  • You are able to write well-structured software to maintain quality on a growing code base
  • You are master of your tool belt (bring the coding language you prefer)
  • You have worked with 3rd party APIs before and you know your way around databases
  • You are able to run and operate your software to provide outstanding service

How to apply

We are excited to find your creative application (CV + Linkedin contact if available) in our inbox.
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