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Edventure Internship: combine language study & intern abroad 4 Wochen Praktikum in Italy

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Do you want to work in the Travel Marketing, Online Journalism or Event management industry but don't know how to get the experience you need? Do you also want to improve your foreign language skills abroad, immerse yourself completely, and have the time of your life networking and making new mates around the world before you make your next career move or finishing university?

With an Edventure Internship through TravelEdventures you can do all this and learn the secrets behind being able to work from anywhere! We are a young and growing online travel and tour company that want's to offer an exciting alternative to the typical in office internship where you just end up serving coffee's or filing papers!

Currently positions are associated with our online journalism & marketing department as well as our event management, PR & VIP hosting department. Our internships take place in amazing locations in Spain as well as many other destinations in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Malta, Mexico, Australia, UK, & USA. Internships are mainly run in English no matter where you are placed so an advanced level is expected. An intermediate level of your destinations language is also an advantage.

So you can truly understand our clients, who mainly book with us for language trips abroad, your internship with us will be combined with language study in your chosen destination. This could be business language if you are already quite fluent or general language courses to get you there. We select the best destinations for our language trips abroad in schools that have amazing activities programs as well as practical, and immersive language courses. And as part of the internship you also get to attend all the activities for free (you might even get to create or review a few depending on your area of interest)!

Our student’s often meet criteria for Scholarships to help cover their costs and Student Visa’s to help them stay for longer.

For details about destinations and the program itself visit out website

  • Highlights

    -A true immersive experience!
    -Combining a great opportunity to travel, gain work experience and learn the language like a local!
    - A great activities program so you can meet and network with new mates from all over the world and explore the city and beyond.
    -we are not just a placement agency like many other companies who advertise but actually run the internship ourselves in cooperation with the language schools!

  • Qualifikation

    We get a lot of applicants and so we have put quite detailed information up on our website regarding the internship and the kind of people we think suit our company. To give you a bit of an idea, you are creative, independent and like working with people. You have advanced English skills and strong interest in working in a travel, marketing, event management or journalism field. You are motivated and excited to live, work and play in a foreign country.
 Intermediate language skills for the destination of choice and previous experience in a related field is an advantage.

  • Minimum Education
    High School
  • Intern Types
    • Spanish
    • Camp Counselor / Trip Leader
    • Journalism
    • Tourism
    • Photography
    • Marketing, Ad, PR
    • Human Resources
    • Graphic Design
    • Education
    • Creative Writing
    • Communications
    • Business Admin, Management
  • Languages
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Italian
  • Languages Used as a Medium of Teaching
    • English
  • Subject Areas
    • Arts
    • Business Admin. & Management
    • Communications
    • Creative Writing
    • Culture
    • Education
    • Foreign Language
    • French
    • German
    • International Business
    • Internship Programs
    • Italian
    • Journalism / Broadcasting
    • Languages / Linguistics
    • Marketing, Ad., & PR
    • Spanish
    • Travel / Tourism
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