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  • » Truly amazing and would do it all over again!!! «
    8 Wochen Internship im Jahr 2012

    I was situated in Vienna, Austria for my 2 month internship period. There were various tasks that had to be done, but it was amazing! I learnt a lot and grew as a person. I completed my tasks and at the same time I experienced and joyed life!

    My tasks where, but not limited to travel writing and event management. After completing the internship, I am exposed to many more opportunities for my future.

    This was truly an amazing experience and I would return any day!! On a daily basis I recommend people to travel to Austria and experience what I experienced.

    I do not regret it at all and would do it all over again!!

    Loving the German language and Austria!!

    Thumbs up

  • » Eine tolle Zeit in Montpellier! «
    6 Wochen Praktikum im Jahr 2012

    Ich war als Travelmania Praktikant in Montpellier im Sommer 2012 im Einsatz. Besonders gefallen hat mir die tolle Zusammenarbeit mit dem französischen Team und die gemeinsame Organisation des PR Events und dass ich mich richtig mit meinen Fähigkeiten einbringen konnte.

  • 6 Wochen Hochschulpraktikum im Jahr 2012

    If I was asked to give a short description of the “perfect” person for an Internship at Travelmania and its projects in abroad, there would be a few typical qualities coming through my mind first, like frankness, curiosity and an interest in foreign places or just in meeting people, allied with a little sense to communicate and commitment.

    As Travelmania gives you the great opportunity to connect living, working and studying in foreign cities all over the globe off course it would be helpful for you, to be open-minded and to have no problem with dealing with special situations in new places, surrounded by a different environment. So if you are good in finding your way also in new living spaces, under not usual conditions, everything is going to be much easier for you and thus also for your working experience with Travelmania. Since you will meet a whole lot of people of all kinds of nationalities with which you will have to work as well, social competence and the ability to work and cooperate in an international team are pretty important factors as well and the right attitude -open and outgoing- of course always opens much more doors. Proper language skills in English and just generally the ability to communicate and connect with people give you a good base, a little talent for language definitely helps and I would say that it is good to have a grasp for writing and formulation –not only because it is necessary to communicate a lot via e-mail and internet in private- and working life, but also because it is required for the tasks of the internship and the projects themselves. Besides creativity, curiosity and naturally the interest in life and culture helps a lot and combined with a little organization, is very important to deliver good work during the internship. I personally made the experience that it´s better to be a bit courageous and to find and use new and refreshing solutions from time to time!

    Last but really not least, don´t forget to enjoy and bring a certain sense of savoring life! I think it is going to give you a lot for life and be facilitating and productive for everything concerning the work with Travelmania as well.

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