Praktikum bei tado° GmbH

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Bewertungen von Praktikanten
  • » A successful experience which allowed me to grow as a person. «
    28 Wochen Internship im Jahr 2017

    During my internship I was part of the Business Development team. I learned a lot about the company, industry and most of all about how to deal with partners. At tado°, you get fully involved in every aspect of the company. I joined meetings to gain strategic insight and I got the opportunity to work independently. The co-workers are young, enthousiastic, smart, motivated and very friendly. It was a great experience to work at tado° for 7 months.

  • 12 Wochen im Jahr 2016

    My internship at tado GmbH was simply perfect. I worked as intern at the Finance and Controlling department for 3 months. Since it was my first work experience, I was afraid of not being able to carry out any task successfully. However, I found an extremely friendly atmosphere, great co-workers and a highly collaborative environment that helped me feel at ease soon and develop my personal and professional skills. I had the chance to carry out little projects autonomously and then present the results to my co-workers and supervisor. In this way, I learnt how to manage time, to meet deadlines and to collect and organize ideas in a meaningful and conscious way. Moreover, as a counterparty, I always found people that appreciated my work and were ready to give me precious feedbacks. More importantly, I really felt part of my team, I could attend all the meetings and I was treated as a real employee. The tasks I had to carry out were varied and demanded the collaboration with other departments in the firms: the work was always challenging and I never got bored. Moreover, the possibility to interact with all the departments was a great opportunity to understand the working dynamics inside a growing firm. All in all, I could not be more satisfied about my internship at tado GmbH.

    • 8 Stunden pro Tag
    • 501 – 700 € pro Monat
    • Finanzen (Controlling, Rechnungswesen etc.)
    • München
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  • » Really interesting intership with meaningfull tasks and wonderfull working experience. «
    8 Wochen University Internship im Jahr 2016

    I have been working in tado° for two months with the Embedded Software Team. My main task of this internship was to build and complete a Python framework to be able to easily make system tests of all devices. During this lots of tinier tasks appeared along the way, as I discovered bugs or malfunction with my tests. To be able to succeed with this I needed to have a good knowledge of C language, some basis of Python and networking. I had to know the general toolchain behaviour of embedded systems, gdb as a debugging tool and embedded systems fonctionalities. But for any of these skills, the team was happy to help if I had questions and I could always try to know more by myself. It was for me a real good internship because I was very well integrated with the team and judged as a real engineer. I attended all meetings and my input was always considered.

  • 12 Wochen Hochschulpraktikum im Jahr 2016
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    • 8 Stunden pro Tag
    • 501 – 700 € pro Monat
    • Finanzen (Controlling, Rechnungswesen etc.)
    • München
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  • » Design + Development = 🎉 «
    24 Wochen Hochschulpraktikum im Jahr 2016

    Wenn Design und Development Hand in Hand zusammen arbeiten, kann ein Produkt sehr schnell verbessert werden.

    Diese produktive Umgebung spürt man bei tado°!

  • » Spannende Aufgaben bei denen man viel lernt «
    4 Wochen Praktikum im Jahr 2015

    Ich hab ein Monat lang ein Praktikum als Entwickler gemacht und hab dann als Werkstudent weiter gemacht.

    Von Anfang an hatte ich eigene Projekte die ich Entwickelt hab, und für die Projekte es wurde einem auch viel Zeit eingeräumt um neue Technologien zu lernen.

    Man muss nicht von Anfang an alles wissen, jedoch sollte man bereit sein neue Sachen zu lernen.

  • » Spannende und abwechslungsreiche Aufgaben in einem jungen, dynamischen und internationalen Umfeld. «
    20 Wochen im Jahr 2015

    Ein Teil meines Praktikums bestand aus einer Mitarbeit im technischen Support, wobei fundiertes technisches Verständnis gefragt war. Außerdem ist man im direkten Kontakt mit Kunden. Dabei lernt man die Produktpalette von tado° sehr gut kennen. Im zweiten Abschnitt des Praktikums habe ich eine Prozessverbesserung als Teil meiner Masterarbeit direkt im Unternehmen umgesetzt. Dabei war Interdisziplinarität gefragt: speziell habe ich mich mit Themen aus der Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Ingenieurwesen und der Informatik auseinandergesetzt.