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Quentin Courant

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Intern Bank Rating Group

Das Interview mit Quentin Courant

How does everyday working life at Scope look like?

Everyday working life at Scope is great because as I am working with a team of 8 people, the tasks I do are different, but all linked to each others. I can be helping an analyst on an Italian bank for a few days, before moving to backing up another one on a research paper dealing about something else.

I also have time for me to read a lot on interesting topics, to develop tools for the rest of the team to use in order to improve efficiency, etc.

The weeks do look alike, but are definitely not the same.

Which experiences did you gain during your internship at Scope?

This internship allows me to improve both my analytical and technical skills (financial statements readability, Excel proficiency, general knowledge of the industry and many more). Moreover, having an international (5+ nationalities) and really eclectic team it also allows me to develop team-oriented skills .

How was the atmosphere in your team?

The London team where I am doing my internship is really eclectic and really open, both to each others and to new comers like I was. The atmosphere is really friendly (thanks to open space) and is really nicely balanced between formal and relaxed depending on the days/circumstances.