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R&D Researcher (University of Applied Science -(Fach)Hochschule) - Practical Term/Bachelor Thesis/Master Thesis (m/f) - RND00003266 3-6 Monate Praktikum in Schwalbach oder Kronberg i. Ts.

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Our Innovation Centres in the Rhein-Main area are offering Practical Terms / Bachelor and Master thesis work for students (m/f) from Universities of Applied Science - (Fach)Hochschulen or equivalent institutions. A pre-requisite for offering a thesis project is that we have a suitable project available in our portfolio that matches the qualification of the student and the universitary requirements.

Writing the thesis in the industry is an ideal way for you to gain industrial experience, while at the same time test us as a potential future employer. For us it is also a good opportunity to gain an insight into your capabilities. On top of a great learning experience, you will also receive an attractive salary.

During your thesis project, you will:
  • be integrated into a project team,
  • have the chance to improve your team working and leadership skills
  • work with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds,
  • experience the working environment in a leading international company and
  • gain guidance on your professional development


We are looking for students from German Universities of Applied Science - (Fach)Hochschulen from different scientific and engineering disciplines. (For R&D roles and the type of candidate we look for please refer to our R&D homepage). We also look for skills such as creativity, innovation, initiative, communication, leadership and the ability to work with others.
Interne Referenznummer (bitte in der Bewerbung mit angeben): RND00003266
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