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Startup Internship, focussed on Business Development and Marketing 2-8 Monate Praktikum in Frankfurt am Main


Mentor Lane is a rising global community of mentors, mentees, startups, and innovative communities. Launched in January 2014, the company maintains an international family of Mentoring Tandems divided into 3 different categories: 1) Startup Mentoring, 2) Career Mentoring and 3) Student Mentoring

The core of Mentor Lane’s service is personalized Mentor-Matching. Through a personal, comprehensive process, Mentor Lane assesses each Mentee candidate and uses its global network to match them with their ideal mentor. During the mentorship program, the Tandem can then access out mentoring platform, allowing them to share and exchange experiences with hundreds of other Mentors and Mentees.

Finally, as part of its Startup Mentoring program, Mentor Lane also offers the supplemental Investor Avenue platform, an investor-matching service reserved for particularly convincing startup founders.


We are searching for interns who:

· Desire to work in hands-on, creative, startup atmosphere.

· Want to be a part of the core team and be involved in the decision-making process.

· Strong interest in people, personalities, psychology, and sociology.

· Develop themselves professionally in the fields of marketing, networking, and professional development

· Fluent in German + other languages

· Possess a strong interest in helping to develop the mentoring concept for the following groups:

o Startup Founders

o Students

o Career Professionals

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