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User Relations/Marketing Trainee (paid) min. 6 Monate Trainee in Berlin

If you want a taste of a startup run by experienced founders that go out of their way to coach, give you responsibility and listen to your opinions, this is the job for you.

We have a very active, interested and vocal community using our app and it’s important to us that we treat them well. As User Relations Manager, you will oversee all communication with our users and make sure they stay happy.

As the internal champion of our users you’ll also be expected to come up with and put into action ideas to improve the user experience, including shaping the UI of our App. After all, you’ll have users telling you in no uncertain terms what they think we should change! You’ll also input into product decisions to help shape our app strategy.

Not only are our users important to the products we offer, they also provide us with the first feedback for bugs and things not working as expected. You will need to keep an ear to the ground and liaise with our technical team to make sure any kinks get ironed out as soon as possible.

You’ll also manage user acquisition, working closely with our Head of Product. You’ll be tasked with generating marketing materials, identifying sources of users, assessing them against each other and managing our app’s public profile (including press releases, social media channels etc.)

We believe that people are happy when they have real ownership of something and the opportunity to learn. We’re happy to throw as much responsibility at you as you can handle, expect to hear your opinion in team discussions and look for opportunities for you to satisfy your curiosity and learn new things.


  • Monitoring and improving user experience (including designing app improvements and liaising with our mobile developers)
  • Managing user communications, including overseeing user rewards and our social media channels
  • Running user acquisition and marketing campaigns, working closely with our CPO
  • Attracting media coverage through PR

You should be

  • A relaxed, constructive communicator with excellent written German
  • Ready to empathize with our users to help them solve any problem they have with our app
  • A stickler for detail
  • A digital native who is always thinking about ways technology could work better
  • Curious and have broad interests
  • A native German speaker (important!) and competent in English (the languages of our users and office respectively)
  • Flair for design and experience with Photoshop/Illustrator is a plus

About Locarta

Locarta is focused on location analytics. This means we analyse where groups of people go in the real world and look for patterns and insights. We’re developing many products around this, but we're currently focused on measuring advertising effectiveness, or in other words: "Does Lidl advertising really send people to Lidl?".

To do so we have a panel of people who share their location with us. We've developed an app that essentially pays people to leave it installed; panelists earn points for doing so which they exchange for gift vouchers or cash. Of course the app also records where they go (and we're very open about that). We also take steps to make sure that our panelist remain anonymous, and conform to the highest standards of German privacy law.

We're based in Berlin (on Wöhlertstraße near U Schwartzkopfstraße).

How we’re different

  • We’re a relatively early-stage startup, which is honestly the most fun time. It’s when the big decisions get made and the most interesting problems need to be solved. It also means things stay varied and interesting
  • Our product requires a few great people rather than many good ones. Joining our team will give you lots of opportunities to shape the company from the early days on
  • We have meaty problems to solve: How can you accurately determine a store visit when GPS isn’t accurate enough? What can you infer about someone based on where they go?
  • We’re at the forefront of a space that’s about to explode: location analytics is just starting to get really big in the US, while in Europe there are still fewer players
  • We are all applied scientists – everything we do is data-driven
  • We have a world-class team of angels and advisors – for example, Christian Gaiser built Kaufda from nothing to a company of 200+ people, and he's involved on almost a daily basis

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