Blitzbewerbung für Hotelier 1year or longer Auslandspraktikum in Entebbe/ Uganda

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Hotelier 1year or longer Auslandspraktikum in Entebbe/ Uganda


The hotel is a small boutique hotel of 10 executive rooms with a small health facility ( gym, swimming pool, etc ). It is located 10km from the city centre of Kampala on the way from Entebbe International Airport. We are in the process of constructing a small extension of about 20 rooms with two meeting (conference) rooms.

You would act as hotel manager and responsible for managing all functions of the hotel including hands-on training of staff. The commonly used language is english.

We would be happy to welcome you in our hotel staff and the beautiful country Uganda.

Accomodation and transport provided!


- completed Hotel Management Training
- fluently in english language
- open for a hotel management experience in a new culture

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Please email your curriculum vitae to following address and tell us your motivation in a short english text. Thank you!
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