Alle Praktikumsplätze von Halfix IT

Tech Internship 3-6 Months Praktikum in Berlin


Halfix is a small IT services company overseeing most of the IT needs of a handful of clients.

This is not a "making coffee" internship to put on your CV but an intense learning experience. (Read more about the compensation bellow)

You'll be in an English & German working environment (very high level is not required) and you will have some flexibility in terms of learning direction, working hours.

Here's what you can learn and work on here:

A variety of technologies and areas of IT:Windows Server (SBS2003, 2008, Exchange, etc), a few OSs (mainly Windows), Troubleshooting applications from Outlook and Office to specialised apps like Datev and FlowFact.

Networking, routers, web development, VoIP etc. We don't do every day but we often bump into issues in these areas.

You could explore one or more of these areas in depth

Exposure to real life IT business relationships depending on your own goals and the opportunities that come up.


Financial: At this time we're unable to offer money, however we are going to pay for your monthly public transportation ticket.

Your main benefits are:
1. working on real projects in a small company.
2. we're developing a thorough learning curriculum to give you a multifaceted learning experience. Your schedule includes reflection both on the professional aspects (strictly IT issues) and on soft skills (relationship with customers, motivation, etc). You will be encouraged and supported to work on your weaknesses and strengths.


What we need from you:

We help people navigate IT. You have to be able to understand the needs of customers beyond what they explicitly say, respect their position and help them move along to get the issues cleared. While you might not be involved with customers from the start you'll have to be willing to learn it.

Intellectual flexibility: in a small company projects change fast and you have to be able to change priorities on the spot.

Time flexibility: some of the tasks need to be done when people are no longer in their offices so we expect you will be willing to spend some evenings and some weekends working. Sometimes emergencies come up that need to be dealt with. We will make up for this with free time but the nature of what we do does not permit fix 9-5 type schedule.

Have a few ideas about IT and be willing to read and learn fast. Nobody knows everything but we do expect a certain basics. Do you already have some experience dealing with IT issues, have you always been the person that your family and friends ask to solve their IT problems? Could you explain a bit about what a computer is? For example What hardware components do? Did you ever build/taken apart your own computer? Can you explain how the Internet works? Knowing some answers to some or all these questions is a start.

Commitment: You have to be willing to put at least three months in this project. (We favour longer term commitments)

So bewerben Sie sich bei uns

If everything seems to fit get in touch write and tell us:

1. as much as you can about your IT experience &

2. something about what attracted you to this internship &

3. what questions your might have.

We'll get back to you only if your application proves you carefully read this posting.
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