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Marketing Manager Assistant 6 Monate Praktikum in Manila


Our company wants to increase its position and visibility in Germany from our office in Manila. For so Esco needs to develop an updated literature and website and establish a direct contact in German with local distributors.

Objectives: 1. Prepare German marketing literature and web site with the objective being to have a complete up to date set of German marketing tools within the first month of the internship.
Include PowerPoint presentations and manuals of main products.

2. Identify and engage new dealers in Germany and German speaking territories with the objective to have a set of new dealers identified by the second month of the internship.
Include translation of distributor agreement.

3. Assist the business development managers in engaging these dealers with the objective to sign on board 5 dealers by the third month of the internship.

4. Provide ongoing support to these dealers via email for the remainder of the internship and transition them to full time management by other full time members of the Esco team.

5. Assist with other market and business development tasks as assigned on an ongoing basis throughout the internship (including Google Adwords).


Master student in Management from Business School, School of Management or Business Administration. Dynamic, Motivated, Good oral and written communication skills.
Means used:
English and German, Translation, Microsoft Office Suite, Internet Searches, Phone, Email, Skype Contact with Potential Distributors

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