Blitzbewerbung für Praktikum / Internship IT 2 - 6 Months Praktikum in Dresden

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Praktikum / Internship IT 2 - 6 Months Praktikum in Dresden


Dresden International School is offering an long-term internship in the IT Department
in an interesting multi-national environment. The shared language is English.

The main campus is located in the City Center of Dresden near Postplatz.

Duration: min. 3 months

We are looking for an Intern for the following tasks

Systems Support

• Performs a wide range of hardware repairs and upgrades.
• Detects, diagnoses and resolves most PC, printer and peripheral device faults.
• Follows instructions to install and upgrade client/server applications.
• Identifies and installs essential software patches.
• Identifies and resolves application compatibility issues.
• Installs and maintains standard network cabling.
• Performs basic diagnostic and recovery routines on network equipment.
• Maintains user accounts and permissions.
• Maintains a software library and stores original copies of installed applications.
• Updates records of installed hardware and software.
• Interprets logs and uses them to inform troubleshooting.
• Works with external support personnel to resolve in-house support issues.
• Investigates new systems as directed by IT Director or Network Administrator.
• Support school events with setup, operation and take down of multimedia and audio-
visual equipment.


• Produces help tutorials and other documentation.
• Supports, advises and trains individual staff members and pupils.

Later this year we would like to setup a vocational training
(Fachinformatiker FR Systemintegration or Werksstudent Staatl. Studienakademie)

Please send your applications in English until 24. 02. 2014 to:

Thorsten Krueger (
IT Director



• Has experiences in information technology.
• Works well with people and on teams.
• Adopts flexible working practices.
• Takes initiative to solve problems.
• Basic knowledge of common operating systems.
• Basic knowledge of cabled and wireless networking technologies.
• Fluency in English and German.

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Please send your applications (email) in English to:

Thorsten Krueger (
IT Director

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