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  • » Creating the conditions for efficient travel itinerary proposals «
    8 Wochen Werkstudent im Jahr 2016

    I don't know German and yet was able to contribute to Cuba Buddy. I mainly organized databases and created content in English.

    I organized a database of pictures of Cuba, which were later used for a variety of purposes, including my subsequent tasks.

    I created future Facebook posts for the company's profile, which would draw on historical or cultural facts that I was given time to investigate for. I wrote them in English and they have been being translated to German for publication. I also created sections of the itineraries that would be sent to our clients. I learned to use the particular software the company uses.

    In the process of doing all of these tasks, I was given great liberties to take certain design decisions. Yet I was not doing wishy washy work, as I was held accountable in our daily meetings. The meetings were, thankfully, to the point. Many times they were opportune, as we would discuss the design decisions that I would take; sometimes honing them and other times just explaining my decisions.

    The team is small, so one does get to see the result of one's decisions immediately. Everyone is aware of what each other is doing, and so there is transparency and accountability in that sense. Doing—or not—a task has visible effects. "The client will not receive an itinerary proposal if we don't have our software ready to deliver." It is a great source of motivation.