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Development of scenarios for the End-of-Life (EoL) of construction materials in refurbishment projects 4-6 Monate Praktikum in Esch-sur-Alzette


The physical life-cycle stages of a building can be divided into (a) production, (b) construction, (c) in-use and (d) end-of-life. In a performance evaluation of a building, construction materials are taken into account in the production stage (raw material manufacturing, supply and transport), the in-use stage (repair, replacement and refurbishment) and the end-of-life stage (deconstruction, transport, recycling/reuse and disposal).

The internship project, embedded in a research project funded by the European Union, is dealing with the end-of-life (EoL) of construction materials in the context of sustainable refurbishment projects. The objective of the project is two-fold.

· First, a methodology for the qualitative and quantitative evaluation of construction materials EoL in refurbishment projects has to be developed. A state of the art report about EoL scenarios for construction materials should give answers to the question: ‘How the End-of-Life of construction materials is assessed and evaluated in refurbishment projects with respect to sustainability aspects’, such as are environmental, social/educational, technical and economic aspects. Different methodological approaches should be discussed with regards to their applicability to refurbishment projects: EoL evaluations of materials in sustainability certification schemes for buildings (e.g. LUNAZ, DGNB, Valideo, HQE, BREEAM, Wohnwertbarometer); EoL indicators (e.g. economic, ecological and social indicators to evaluate waste regarding material recycling). The literature review should be concluded with a practical solution for the EoL evaluation of construction materials, e.g. a suggestion of indicators that can be included in materials fact sheets for refurbishment projects.

· Second, feasible EoL scenarios for a bunch of construction materials used in refurbishment projects have to be developed for the Great Region in the aim to identify potential new business opportunities. By reviewing best practices in Europe and worldwide, if necessarily, for selected construction materials, the end-of-life stage should be modeled. The modeling should cover the remove of the material from the building, its transport from the construction to the treatment site and its recycling / reuse or disposal, and should take into account environmental, social/educational, technical and economic aspects. Materials to be studied are:

o Cellulose flakes as insulating material, e.g. isofloc;

o Foam glass gravel for floor insulation, e.g. Misapor;

o Aerogel insulation, e.g. Aerorock from Rockwool

o Phase Change Materials, e.g. Smartboard from BASF;

o Vacuum insulated panels (VIP), e.g. Vacupor from Porextherm;

o Polystyrene foam particles for the insulation of hollow spaces, e.g. from Rigips;

o Wood-Plastic-Composites (WPC) as terrace boards or outdoor applications, e.g. Perth Wood Plastic Composite;

o Polycarbonate (PC) as façade elements or translucent isolation panels, e.g. EXTECH/Exterior Technologies, Inc.


The candidate is expected to start as soon as possible. The interview process will continue until a suitable candidate will be found.

The trainee will have a background in Materials Sciences or Civil Engineering ideally with a specialization in waste management. The successful candidate will have some knowledge/experience in:

- Sustainability assessments of buildings;

- Waste treatment techniques.

He/she will work in an interdisciplinary and multi-lingual/-cultural work environment and therefore team spirit is expected.

Fluent level of French is required as French will be the main working language; reports need to be produced in French. Good levels in English and German are necessary.

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