Blitzbewerbung für Internationales Outdoor Diplom in Erlebnispädagogik & Hochseilgarten Trainer Ausbildung / TOEFL Zertifizierung 6 Monate Praktikum in Bundesweit

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Internationales Outdoor Diplom in Erlebnispädagogik & Hochseilgarten Trainer Ausbildung / TOEFL Zertifizierung 6 Monate Praktikum in Bundesweit


Since 2002, the Camp Adventure Academy in association with Camp Europe, has been successfully organizing international adventure and language camps throughout Europe (Germany, Ireland, Spain and England mainly). We are proud to announce that since 2016, we offer a complementary program, aimed at developing Outdoor Education Skills and Outdoor Education Centres Management insights, such as organizational planning, OEC-Logistics, Project Management, Implementation Techniques and other educational topics; through an extensive six month-long Diploma program in the field of experiential learning.

Basic information:

• Start date: March 19th, 2017
• End date: Sept 19th, 2017 (extensions possible)
• Duration: 6 months

• International Camp Counselor training program
• First aid & CPR training with “Emergency First Response” guidelines
• High Ropes Specialization: 5 day High ropes instructor training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association)
• TOEFL Specialization: 3 day High ropes course instructor assistant training according to the ERCA norm (European Ropes Course Association) and 1 day TOEFL examiner certification
• Outdoor pedagogical basics, throughout diverse educational program areas (survival, archery, canoeing…)
• Camp director assistant training program, including administrative tasks such as camp accounting (depending on qualifications)
• Introduction course to big-size groups meal catering with option to obtain a Food & Beverage license
• In-depth preparation for organizing all sort of educational / recreational activities at our international camps
• In-depth preparation for logistics management at our international camps
• In-depth preparation for camp-site build-up and take-down

• Program staff at our school group experiential education programs
• Drug Prevention Coach Training – In collaboration with the German NGO “Keine Macht den Drogen” (available only for German speakers)
• Bronze-cross Lifeguard Certification Program
• Training for different high season camp profiles
• Assistant role as support staff during our annual International Camp Counselor training week, with over 140 participants (depending on qualifications)

• Different placements during Summer Camp session, performing as staff responsible at one or various program areas such as camp counseling, high ropes course instructor / assistant, archery specialist, canoeing guide, F&B logistics, catering, camp management assistant for budgeting, accounting and administrative tasks, as well as keeping communication with the head office in Hamburg (depending on qualifications).

• Instructor at outdoor education programs
• Campsite´s take down after summer sessions and follow-ups
• Material & equipment storage and audit
• Season-Ending Party organization 

Outdoor Education Diploma and Specialization Certificate
• Basic International Camp Counsellor Course* 3 days
• High Ropes Instructor Training/Language Coach+ TOEFL Testing Centre Certificate** 5 days
• First Aid Course 2 days
• German Food Health Certificate 1 day
• Survival & Hike Instructor for Teams 3 days
• Kayak and Canoe Instructor 2 days
• Slackline Instructor 1 day
• Archery Instructor 1 day
• Teambuilding Instructor 1 day
• Food & Wellbeing (GUT DRAUF)/Cooking for Big Groups 2 days
• Accounting, Camp Organization, Social Media 2 days
• Health & Hygiene 1 day
• No Power to Drugs Prevention Training (limited availability – German) 2 days
• Specific Specialized Certificate Optative: High Ropes Instructor 5 days
Training or Language Coach+ TOEFL Testing Centre Certificate
• Total approx.. 4,5 weeks

* A training day is usually a combination of theoretical & practical input and does also involve the set up and preparation of the camp location.
** The certificate „High Ropes Course Safety Instructor Assistant“ will be granted after a successful completion of the 3 days basic module. The certificate „High Ropes Course Safety Instructor“ will be available to all those participants who have successfully completed the 5-days basic/rescue module and after successfully completing a 4 weeks trial period.

Placements will be designated and granted upon the performance of each individual throughout the full training and according to needs and skills:
• School Trip Program 3 weeks
• Outdoor Centre Program 2 weeks
• School Trip 2 weeks
• F&B + Camp Organization 4 weeks
• Specialization Optative Certificate 3 weeks
(High Ropes Instructor or Language Coach)
• Technical Camp Director 2 weeks
• Support staff (logistics) 3 weeks
• Rest periods 3 weeks


• Enthusiastic and motivating personality
• Good communication and organizational skills
• Fraternal social skills
• Good English fluency
• Tolerance and understanding for other cultures
• Responsible, committed as well as high degree of independence
• A positive attitude for living in community at an outdoor setting
• Minimum age: 21 years old, by March 19th
• A class B driver’s license and experience in driving is an asset

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Further information:

• The preparation and implementation of the camp programs are work-intensive. A high degree of resilience and the ability of proactive behavior are key elements in order to cope the stressful moments
• A 75 euro / week stipend is offered during your camp placement performance weeks
• Training weeks are not monetarily compensated, however Camp Europe offers all training, equipment and material, plus full room & board free of charge
• Camp Europe provides full support to those bachelor or master program students who are intending to write any of their Uni papers based on Outdoor Educational Programs and other topics related to the internship
• Accommodation provided throughout the 6-month diploma program (basic accommodation, shared room, tent or camping caravan)
• Upon confirming a preliminary placement offer we will charge a deposit of 500 EUR. The deposit partially covers the associated expenses of the intensive training program. It will be fully refunded upon a successful competition of the 6-month program (training + 20-week placement).
• Associated costs of transfers between camp locations, accommodation and full board during placement weeks will be covered.

If you are keen in further developing your knowledge and skills within an International Outdoor Experiential Education Organization in a great natural campsite and a friendly atmosphere, you have found a fantastic and unique option at a very accessible cost. Limited spaces available, so do not hesitate to send your application form along with your cover letter, curriculum vitae and references to CE´s Human resources coordinator Chris Janisch:
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