Blitzbewerbung für Praktikum in Sales Operations (Muttersprache De,En,Fr,Es,It,Pl,Pt) Drei Monate Praktikum in Berlin

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Praktikum in Sales Operations (Muttersprache De,En,Fr,Es,It,Pl,Pt) Drei Monate Praktikum in Berlin


The internship is a full time position. You will be supervised by our marketing and sales department so that you build the skills and knowledge for being part of the department. You will working in a variety of situations, at times working as members of a team and other times working alone on an assignment. You will get individual duties and projects according to the requirements of the company.

Main responsabilities
  • Assist with the research and development of sales in your language area

  • Researching potential clients

  • Creation of roadmap and strategies for sales

  • Contact potential clients

  • Reporting results


Required profile
  • Young people with experience in marketing and/or sales and with a desire to start a sales career.

  • Individuals who are self-motivated, independent and persistent.

  • People with positive attitudes who are open to feedback.

Required skills

  • Native speaker of English, German, Spanish, Italian, French or Portuguese

  • Good knowledge of German and/or English

  • Strong interpersonal skills to establish rapport with prospective and existing clients.

  • Results oriented with demonstrated skill in organizing resources and establishing priorities.

  • Interns who can develop rapport, influence others and maintain strong working relationships.

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  • Ability to resolve problems and present results neatly, with clarity and precision in oral and written form.

  • Ability to work semi-autonomously in a fast paced environment.

  • Professional experience in sales or client service environment preferred.

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If the above sounds like something you can imagine yourself doing and being commited to, please send us your CV at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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